Doorworks OL4

A.C. motor for Sectional & Tilt Doors

Key Product Features

  • 1/2 HP AC motor type

  • Strong, reliable chain & pole

  • Manual limit system

  • 1.2 million transmitter code combinations

  • Comes with 2 remotes and a wireless wall remote

Key Product Specifications

Model DoorWorks OL4


Electrical Rating:

Recommended Lifting Forces:

Door Travel:
Courtesy Light:
Input – AC 240V 50Hz. Current
3.5A. Power – 375W . Standby power – 2W
Type – 240V Single Phase 1⁄2 HP Max. Capacity- 70kg
Max. Lifting force – 60kg Rated Lifting force – 15kg
Door travel rate – 135mm/sec
Door travel limits – 3.0m
Light bulb – E27 60W Lighting time – 2.5 minutes
Frequency - 433mHz Coding Type – fixed code
Operation range – 50m Battery – 12V A23 x1

Download Automation Brochure as PDF